Sweet Jewelry, Phone Straps and Buttons by MossyOwls

May 21, 2008


Okay, I’ve had it! I can’t seem to find anything cute and sweet that is outside  of etsy.com… Well, anyway, at least I can still fulfil my cutesy stuff passions! -is proud- Apologies for my sudden hyperness!~ I had a chocolate ice-cream sundae today!~ Yummy yum yum! ^^ Anyway, today, I have something from a person known as Mossy Owls, who makes handmades stuff. But get this! She does buttons as well! And they’re quite sweet!!!

Jewellery and Phone Strap Website: www.mossyowls.etsy.com
Buttons Website: www.buttonbakery.etsy.com

Even though I’m not a huge fan of buttons, but I love these kinds of butterfly-related stuff. Ever since watching Paradise Kiss (Japanese animation) well, I’ve taken a liking to deep-blue butterfly patterns! xD Anyway, I’m rambling, moving on! First off, some stuff from mossyowls.etsy.com!

 Pizza anyone? These Pepperoni Pizza Earrings are quite cute! ^^

You know how I adora chocolate… This Green and Yellow Sprinkled Cupcake is just so CUTE!

The pink alter-ego! Strawberrry sweetness isn’t that bad! ^^ Named Pastel Paradise Mini Cupcake, it is soooo cute!

“And this is my mini-me,” said the pastel cupcake! Haha! The Glittered Cupcake Cell-phone Charm is so sweet!

Tweet tweet! This Tickled-Pink Tweeter is just adorable, no? A decorative straight pin…

Okay, now that we are done with the first website, mossyowls, in case you’ve forgotten, let’s move on to the sweet and adroable handmade buttons! Be sure to take notice of every single carving on it as it is handmade and an artist would like her work noticed ’cause every little detail counts! xD

The Dusty Flutterby is a Glazed Button and my favourite among MossyOwls’ collection! ^^

I love this as well! The sweetness of the shades are so yum! ^^ The Butterfly Princess!

She doesn’t only have butterflies! Look at the pretty swirly pattern of the button, called the Parisian Stroll

 I like the affect the glitter has on this button. Neried, a polymer clay button. Pretty, no?

Be sure to check out both website for updates! I love the buttons! Yay!!!


Fell in Love with Feltinlove! ^^

May 19, 2008


I know what you’re thinking… ‘Another one from etsy.com? Come on!’ or something like that. Well, I can’t help myself, you know, there are lots of cute stuff from etsy.com… -pouts- Anyway, here’s a person who makes, you guessed right, CUTE STUFFFFF!!!

Website: www.feltinlove.etsy.com

But, but, but… There are lotsa amazing miniature food stuff in this one! I mean, look at ’em! xD

 The Yummy Strawberry Spongcake Eraser Magnet reminds me of those anime/ manga styled cakes that I truly adore! ^^

The Sweet Mixed Fruited Tart Magnet looks yummy enough to eat, no?

This Kawaii Strawberry Swiss Roll Golden Necklace is truly kawaii kawaii!

 I’m a true fan of miniature things and this Cute Bottle of Juice Eraser Magnet is really KYAH!


 Even for me, a lactose intolerant person, this Kawaii Fresh Cow Milk Carton Eraser Magnet is ADORABLE!


 No cute cute sweet sweet collection would be complete without some chocolate involved, now would it? ^^  A Milk Cholocate Bar Eraser Magnet is cutecute, no? xD

 I’m a sucker for cakes! Kawaii Strawberry Cake Golden Necklace will make a pretty cute present for any girl that loves sweets as much as I do! ^^

There you have it! A wonderful collection of sweets, cakes and whatnot! They have a lovely range of eraser magnets and necklace pendants are all kyah kyah! Be sure to check it out!

Cute Sweets and Food! Phone staps and whatnot…

May 18, 2008


Yet again, I have found an etsy website that attracted my attention. It may not have as many items as acrylicana, but, honestly speaking, the onigiri (Japanese rice ball) captured my heart! xD

Website: www.coffishop.com
Etsy: www.coffishop.etsy.com

They also have a delightful phone straps shaped in various designs as well as cute magnets! ^^

The adorable onigiri stud eariings are so CUTEEE!!!

The Coffi Magnet seems to be their signature product… I’m not too sure, though! ^^ Look at the cute little coffee beans! ^^

Ice cream cones are cute as well! ^^ This Ice Cream Phone Charm is currently on SALE

These Cupcake Bobby Pins made me smile! Cuppycakeee!!!~

Anyway, long story short, another cute website! Be sure to check it out! They have more pretty sweets there! ^^

Cupcake! Cupcake! ^^

May 17, 2008


After reading my friend’s blog about her day baking cupcakes for her mother, I got the urge to find cupcake recipes. As you know, I am an avid sweet and dessert fan and I absolutely enjoy sweets! (Just a note, I am terribly underweight for my age) Anyway, I was browsing through and this website attracted my attention! With the cute illustration of a cupcake knight and the wonderful pictures, I present to you, cupcakerecipe.net! 

Website: www.cupcakerecipe.net

Filled with pictures of cupcakes, I love it so much… The delightful colours hypnotise me and the pretty seashell-themed cupcakes are so adorable! ^^

There is also a recipe for some Earl Grey Tea and Fruit Cupcakes, but I have yet to try it… But I most certainly will in time! They look so delicious, it makes my mouth water!

Other than cupcakes, the maker of the website, a retired British lady with a passion for cupcakes, has also made other website. Soup, pasta, salad and so much more!~

Come on, you know you want to… ^^

Sweets, Cookies and Cakes, Oh My! Acrylicana’s works of art!

May 15, 2008


As my very first entry, I will be showing all of you, my dear readers, a wonderful person known as ‘Acrylicana’ who makes gorgeous little cutesey things!!! ^^

Deviantart: www.acrylicana.deviantart.com
Website: www.acrylicana.com
Etsy: www.acrylicana.etsy.com

I have an obsession with things shaped like food, cakes and muffins, especially… I don’t know why, but I just do… And words can’t describe my hyperness when I saw these one fine day, while browsing through deviantart. It was on the first page and I was attracted to the colourfulness and imagine my happiness when I saw the pictures of cute little pendants, rings and whatnot all shaped like sweets! ^^

 The Sweety Yum Yum Bracelet, my personal faourite!

Well, food does turn into poo eventually… ^^ This Toilet Paper and Poo Charm is sure to make anyone smile!


 Don’t let looks deceive you! This Bitten Gourmet Chocolate Candy Necklace tends give people the urge to eat it! ^^ lols

 Other than cute and sweet miniature sweets, they also have a wide range of stickers! These Rainbow Onigiri Stickers are utterly adorable!!!

This Red Velvet Cake Necklace is really amazing! Just look at the intricate detail on the cream (in the middle of the layers)

There are many more in the etsy website, ready for youuuu!!! The sweet sweets (pun!!! yay!) are sure to brighten up anyone’s day. They make special pressies, especially if your girlfriend is a big of a sweet fan like I am! xD Be sure to check out the deviantart account as well! It’s as adorable as the items! xD